Our laboratory

Our modern laboratory complies with the methods and standards of Grasse - the international perfumery, and allows us to meet the market’s needs. Thanks to the tests conducted on site, in less than an hour, we can identify the quality of vetiver oil and provide customers with a product that fulfill their specified criteria. As a result, our efforts and commitment to surpass ourselves offering the best to our customers have been rewarded through:
      1. Increased competitiveness, confirming our position as world leader in the field
      2. A significant improvement in the production / delivery phase due to intermediaries reduction
      3. A more satisfactory service to the customer

Our certifications

Frager is certified Organic and Fair Trade by ECOCERT.

Indeed, at Frager, we strongly believe in sustainability. Our Vetiver essential oil is derived from plants that are grown and harvested in compliance with organic and sustainable farming practices.

By giving technical support and by allocating a premium on the vetiver roots, we encourage growers to apply ecological and sustainable cultivation techniques.

Furthermore, in our desire to help the vetiver growers ‘community, we involve customers and together we contribute to a development funds for the community’s social projects.